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Howo 430 6x4 Tractor Head
Howo 430 6x4 Tractor Head

Howo 430 6x4 Tractor Head


Description of 6x4 Tractor Head

This 6x4 tractor head have won the recognition of the car buyers. In addition to their absolute appearance advantages, they also have outstanding performance in terms of power, space, comfort, handling, and fuel consumption, which are quite in line with the needs of drivers when buying cars. This tractor head is very cost-effective.

Howo 430 6x4 Tractor Head for Sale in Madagascar

Howo 430 6x4 Tractor Head for Sale in Madagascar

Howo 430 6x4 Tractor Head for Sale in Madagascar


Advantages of 6x4 Tractor Head

1. The power output is linear, so that the engine and gearbox of the tractor head can fully exert the best state

2. The turning radius is small, the direction change is accurate, and the steering wheel does not have too much empty space. The braking system responds quickly, improving driving safety.

3. The cab of the tractor head is elegant, safe and comfortable, which is very suitable for driving on long-distance highways and various other road conditions.

4. It also has outstanding performance in terms of fuel consumption, and this tractor head is more energy-efficient.


Specification of 6x4 Tractor Head:

MODEL: ZZ4257V3241W 



Engine model: D12.42-20, Euro II emission standard, 4 stroke injection diesel engine, 6 cylinders in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging & inter cooling, mechanical high-pressure oil pump system

Maximum output: 420PS (309kW) at 2000 rpm

Maximum torque: 1820Nm at 1100-1400rpm

Bore: 126mm

Stroke: 155mm

Displacement: 11.596L

Clutch: SINOTRUK’s 430C diaphragm spring clutch, hydraulically operating with air assistance



Transmission, model HW19710, 10 forward and 2 reverse

Ratio: 4.42   4.8  5.73

Front Axle: New HF9 series, with drum brake system

Rear Axle: HC16 pressed axle housing, single reduction and differential locks between axles; with drum brake system.

Steering: ZF8118, hydraulic steering with power assistance

Ratio: 22.2-26.2:1



Rims: 8.5-20,10 hole-steel

Types: 12.00R20 Option:12R22.4,12.00-24,12.00-20,13R22.5, 315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 11.00R20

Driver'sCab: Long cab, all-steel forward control, 55°hydraulic tilting to the front, 2-arm windscreen wiper system with 3 speeds, VDO electrical control system, laminate windscreen, with casted-in radio aerial, adjustable driver’s seat and rigid adjustable co-driver’s seat, heating & ventilation system, with stereo radio/cassette recorder, sun visor, safety belt, air conditioner, warming light 




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